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Power your business with smart, strategic, integrated partnerships.

We’re out to help businesses and professionals who aren’t looking to be energy experts. Because in all honesty, we’re not energy experts.  We’re a process oriented, data driven, green energy relationship agency who provide marketing and sales support, and access to our other preferred partners to help maximize your profits.

Why Orpical Energy?

Whether you’re a broker looking to provide more cost effective, reliable services to your clients or you own a business and want to provide cost and efficiency advantages to your sales model. Orpical Energy can help.

eco4Commercial & Industrial Supply

We offer a variety of energy products and services offerings for businesses & provide assistance in choosing the right energy product.

Pre-Qualification Process

We analyze energy usage patterns and identify buttons of concern to generate a business case with impressive payback periods.

solar6Renewable Energy

We believe in providing clients with the most coveted, environmentally-friendly options.


Account Management

Each account is partnered with a dedicated account executive to assist in effectively managing your energy related business.

Sales Support

We provide you with comprehensive sales support from initial contact to financing and installation.


Our responsibility is to handle the communication of financials and ensure that you are compensated timely and accurately.

Their Expertise, Our Support, Your Reduced Work Load.

Below are some of our expert partners that we often involve to further evaluate energy investment projects.  With their individual expertise, our marketing and operational support, we are able to provide best-in-class product and sales support.